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Clearly you’re on a path to set your and your agency apart from the competition!

Now that you have the attention…what do you do with it?

New System Reveals How To Develop Easily and Quickly Leverage Your Hidden ‘Local Marketing Super Power”, Build and Communicate with a 
List of Local Consumers and Businesses!


What if there was a way to get your list OFF of Facebook and into an email list and CRM you control?

It would Super Smart to convert that attention you will be building via your Local Media Hero page into an asset list you own and control!

Follow Our Secret Method And You’ll Make Prospects Chase You and Actually Want to Get on Your Email List to know about what’s happening locally, about local events and yes…about local business special deals and so much more!

I know what you’re thinking!

I’m no journalist and I don’t have time to come up with the latest scoop!

We don’t either!


What if there was a way…

What of we could show you how-to curate all the content you’ll ever need for a Locally Based Newsletter that locals are eager to receive?

What if we could show you how to put together a newsletter in under 20 minutes (or less) per week…

…And what if we could show you how to build your list of locally based emails rapidly?

Do I have your ATTENTION?

In Local Media Hero - Local Newsletter Edition, we’ll do that!

Over the past few years our team has been quietly leveraging this business model that goes against the conventional way of building a local marketing agency.

Once you have the Attention

Once you have THE LIST of local consumers…

You have something SUPER POWERFUL!

If you think about it...if you build the attention and the list…you have EXACTLY what local business prospects want!

Do you think those local business who you are trying to connect with might want ACCESS to YOUR LIST???


As a result of this shift in our business model, our agency is thriving!

No longer do we stress about competitors or dealing with the typical friction of prospecting and growing an agency…(you know the methods that cause Kryptonite-Like Rejection to drain Superman of His Powers…)!

We made a shift in our prospecting strategy that has caused local businesses to ‘send a signal in the sky’ and seek out our help because they recognize our NEW ‘Super Hero Power’ we now possess!

This ‘Super Hero Power’…is Attention!

There’s a TON of Power & Profit In our Local Media Hero Newsletter Strategy

It’s super smart to build assets your agency and business controls.

One way to do that is to build a real local list of names and email addresses who are interested in the information you can provide them.

Some of that information will come in the form of:
  • Local News
  • ​Local Events
  • ​​Local School Information
  • ​Local Crime
  • ​Local Real Estate
  • ​Local Sports News
  • ​Local Weather
  • ​Local Traffic
  • ​Local Deals
  • ​Classifieds
  • ​and So Much More...
If you’re an agency owner or consultant, you might have noticed it’s getting harder and harder to connect with prospective local business owners and decision makers…

When you already control the list of local consumers…you already have what local business prospects need!

You already have the attention of thousands or tens of thousands of CUSTOMERS!
All you have to do is point the attention!

According to INC.com, the Number 1 Fear 
of Marketers and Sales Professionals is
the Fear of Rejection!

Wouldn’t it be a relief if you or your team didn’t have to worry or Fear Rejection anymore when it came to connecting with Prospective Local Business Clients?

Imagine what would happen if you had a system right now…that helped you reverse the rolls and afforded you the ability to be sought after by your ideal local business prospects?

In other words…what if you didn’t have to deal with the Dreaded Gate-Keepers but instead…you have a VIP Pass?

All with the Attention of a List of Locals and a Newsletter!
The Results Could Be Overwhelming!
Agencies, Consultants and Smart Business Owners who become our new users are calling Local Media Hero a True Breakthrough and Paradigm Shift…and they are elated to gain real momentum and results in the growth of their businesses!

If you are serious about growing your agency in a frictionless way, or you’re simply curious if Local Media Hero will work for you, read on…

With our Local Media Hero Method…
Agencies, Consultants and Smart Business Owners who become our new users are calling Local Media Hero a True Breakthrough and Paradigm Shift…and they are elated to gain real momentum and results in the growth of their businesses!

If you are serious about growing your agency in a frictionless way, or you’re simply curious if Local Media Hero will work for you, read on…

With our Local Media Hero Method…
  • It takes not having Authority in your Industry or Local Area Out Of the Equation…
  • It takes not having Celebrity in your Industry or Local Area Out Of the Equation…
  • ​It takes not having Credibility in your Industry or Local Area Out Of the Equation…
  • ​Eliminates the Need For Extensive Tech Setup…
  • ​Little To No Sales Skills Required…
  • ​Little To NO Learning Curve...
  • ​Steady and Continued Growth Opportunity
  • ​ZERO Competition (and if there is a chance of competition…it Does Not Matter!)
  • ​No Price Resistance...
  • ​True Asset and Leverage!!!
“There Must Be A Disadvantage, Right?”
Nope! Not That We Can See.
Local Media Hero Method & Strategy has NOTHING to do with any of the worn-out failed approaches you’ve probably seen before:
  • NO Cold Calling Strangers
  • NO MLM or Network Marketing
  • NO Pitching to Family or Friends
  • ​NO Home Parties
  • ​NO Expensive Postal Mailings
  • NO Super Long Learning Curve
  • ​NO Licenses or Permits Required
  • ​NO Product or Inventory Necessary
  • ​NO Speculative Crypto…
This business model is methodical and step-by-step! You can launch and run this in your spare time, while pursuing your other business and personal interests.

Unlike other business models, our Local Media Hero Method produces repeatable and predictable results in a rather short period of time!

…Results that continue to grow over time!


  • In Module 1: We Get Straight to the Point and Give You The Lowdown on Local Newsletters!!!
  • We cover the 10K Foot Overview & Reasons Why Running A Newsletter is One of The Smartest Things You Can Do For Your Agency!
  • Running a Local Newsletter Need Not Be Complicated! 
  • We are going to show you how to Quickly Source and Abundance of Content Your List Craves
  • In Module 3: We cover our exact Tech Stack We Use To Put Our Newsletters Together...
  • We'll show you how we deploy our Newsletters and how you can quickly deploy yours too!
  • In Module 4: We'll show you how we get THOUSANDS of Locals onto Your List!
  • We'll reveal our Organic and Paid Strategies to rapidly grow our Local Newsletter Audience
  •  In Module 5: We'll reveal How you can Leverage Your Local Newsletter to Benefit Your Agency
  • Discover Powerful Ways To Connect with Local Business Prospects and Profit From Your Local Newsletter
No matter what local marketing services you offer…

No matter if you have Zero Experience…

No Matter if you don’t currently have a single Customer or Client…

No Matter if you are just getting started, this could literally change the trajectory of your agency! (Just like it helped save our agency!)

Super Easy!…We Recommend 
Beginners and Experienced Agency Owners 
Do This Instead To Get Real Results!

The reality for your agency is that if you control the narrative and the list...you will possess a lot of power!

That Power translates into an ability very few agencies and consultants rarely ever come to realize. 

Building a Locally Based Newsletter puts you in Command and local businesses will recognize your new found powers and will want access to your list!

What would that look like for you?

Well, as the saying goes...with Great Power Comes Responsibility my friend!

What if you controlled 50% or more of all the attention in YOUR LOCAL AREA?

And what if you were able to point that attention to ANY Local Business You Wanted?

When you control the Attention of a Local Audience, you have a Real Asset & Leverage!

When you build an audience and the foundation is that of a local audience, you really have something that local businesses want!

Think of the advantages this brings you…

With Local Media Hero - Newsletter Edition...you have it!!!!

If you were to connect and start to work with local businesses as a marketing agency…you already have the audience local businesses are seeking to attract!

What do you need to prove?

You already have the results!!

All you need to do is let them know that you have the power…and it becomes infinitely easier to start to work with them!

Even if a Local Business Doesn’t Want to Work With You…You Still Have a REAL ASSET that many other local businesses will want to leverage! And that is the real deal!

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