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Establishing a foundation with your Local Media Hero Page isn’t particularly difficult. When you do it systematically and the way we teach you, you’ll have a monster at your behest!

But it does require effort!

Look, there’s two problems…when it comes posting attention getting and engagement worthy content to Social Media…

And these two problems are Time and Capacity!

Having the time to come up with the content to post that will attract the attention of a local audience can be a significant problem…

And…the capacity or ability to create and design the content may not be a skillset (or Super Power) that you possess…

Don’t worry, neither did I…

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  • ​Best Wings...
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  • ​Best Italian Restaurant
  • ​Best Dentist
  • ​Best Chiropractor...
  • ​Best Place to Watch The BIG GAME...
  • ​Best Massage Therapist...
  • ​Best Hair Salon...
  • ​Best Barber Shop....
…and about 70 More! 
More than enough for one attention getting and exciting engagement post per week for your Local Media Hero Page!

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💥 The Ultimate Holiday 💥 
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So many local consumers celebrate Holidays!

You know who else celebrates holidays?

Local Businesses!

It’s a very good idea to be prepared and join in on the celebrations too! 

With our Ultimate Holiday Engagement Pack, you’ll do just that!

But....We’ve done all the hard work for you!

All you need to do is slap on your logo, schedule out your Holiday Posts and enjoy the engagement on your Local Media Hero Page!

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One of the great strategies we teach in Local Media Hero is how to Leverage Local Business Spotlights

As you might agree, when you build a Local Media Hero page that attracts and commands the attention of thousands or tens of thousands of local eyeballs, you have real POWER!

Imagine approaching a local business prospect and asking them if you could feature them on your Local Media Hero page!!

We do it all the time and the immediate reaction of almost every single business is one of welcoming gratitude!

Here is an example of what I say (and yes I'm projecting and suggesting using your page in the example...)

Hey this is Drew from [INSERT YOUR LOCAL MEDIA HERO PAGE NAME HERE ] and I would love to feature YOU and YOUR Business on our page. Our page has about 15K Local Followers interested in what’s happening with local businesses…would you be up for a 10-15 minute interview?"

The answer is always YES!

And if it’s a ‘No’…they soon regret their chance in getting in front of your audience and they usually reach back out to you soon!

(Remember the shift in POWER I was talking about? LOL)

Well…with our Local Business Spotlight Engagement Pack, you’ll have everything to make you and your local business spotlight prospects look professional!

💥 Local Event Engagement Pack 💥
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People LOVE knowing about and attending Local Events!

Whether its the stay-at-home Mom / Dad or the Entire Family, Events draw a lot of attention and engagement!

As a father of three daughters, their schools alone have a ton of events! Sports and all of the after school activities can be of great interest to families of school aged kids.

Speaking of families, there is always an interest in what’s happening locally around town!

Want more attention and engagement on your Local Media Hero Page? Keep on top of and post about Local Events!

With our Local Event Engagement Pack, you’ll have a template that you can use over and over to extract the attention and engagement of locals!

This is a BIG Deal!!!

💥 Social Engagement Prompts 💥 
Super Engagement Pack
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Thought provoking and conversation starters can be a massive benefit to any Facebook Page!

With our Social Engagement and Conversation Starter Prompt Super Pack…you’ll get something AMAZING!

As if all of the sources of content we teach you in Local Media Hero can’t provide you with as much content as you’ll ever be able to get to…

And…As if all of the other Engagement Packs weren’t good enough…

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You’ll get access to 70 Engagement Boosters and Conversation Starters all ready for you to schedule into your Local Media Hero Page to magnetically pull and attract Local Attention!

Here are just a few titles to whet your whistle…
  • You have 30 Minutes to Spend $5,000 in 1 Store! Where will you go?
  • ​If you could change careers for one week, what would you do?
  • Name one thing from your childhood that kids would not understand…
  • ​And So Many More!

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