New System Reveals How To Develop Your Hidden
“Local Marketing Super Power” that Generates Effortless Local Attention and Connections To Local Business Clients
Without Door Knocking, Discounts, Cold Calling, or Proposals - And Best of All You Don’t Need Any Experience, Portfolio, or Expensive Software To Get Started Today!

Follow Our Secret Method And You’ll Have Prospects Chasing You Down And Wanting To Work With You…

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Dear Super Hero, Consultant Friends,

Something POWERFUL is happening RIGHT NOW and you definitely need to be aware of it!

Over the past few years, our team has been quietly leveraging a business model that goes against the conventional way of building a local marketing agency...but delivers extraordinary results!

In fact, as a result of this business model, our agency is thriving!

No longer do we stress about competitors or dealing with the typical friction of prospecting and growing an agency…(you know the methods that cause 
Kryptonite-Like Rejection that drain Superman of His Powers…)!

We made a shift in our prospecting strategy that has caused local businesses to ‘send a signal in the sky’ and seek out our help because they recognize the ‘Super Hero Power’ we now possess!

This ‘Super Hero Power’…is Attention!

And we’ve discovered how to use that power responsibly…for the good of our local community, the good of local businesses who want to attract local customers, and for the good of our agency!

There’s a ton of power & profit in attention. And we’re going to reveal how to leverage this attention in what we’re calling ‘Local Media Hero’!

Now, For The First Time Ever, You Can Create Your Own Paradigm Shift And Take Back The Power Most Local Business Possess…Avoid All The Rejection and Unpleasantry of the Prospecting Process…or ‘Deal With’ 
The Dreaded Gate-Keepers!

If you’re an agency owner or consultant, you might have noticed it’s getting harder and harder to connect with prospective local business owners and decision-makers…

According to, the Number 1 Fear of Marketers and Sales Professionals is the Fear of Rejection!

It Doesn't Have To Be This Way!

Wouldn’t it be a relief if you or your team didn’t have to worry or Fear Rejection anymore when it came to connecting with Prospective Local Business Clients?

Imagine what would happen if you had a system right now…that helped you reverse the roles and afforded you the ability to be sought after by your ideal local business prospects?

In other words…what if you didn’t have to deal with the dreaded Gate-Keepers but instead…you had a VIP Pass that helped you easily connect with decision makers and business owners?

The Results Could Be Overwhelming!
...And Keep You SUPER BUSY

Agencies, Consultants, and Smart Business Owners who adopt this method are calling Local Media Hero a "True Breakthrough" and "Paradigm Shift"…and they are elated to gain real momentum and results in the growth of their businesses!

If you are serious about growing your agency in a frictionless way, or you’re simply curious if Local Media Hero will work for you, read on…

With our Local Media Hero Method…

  • It takes not having Celebrity in your Industry or Local Area Out Of the Equation…
  • ​It takes not having Credibility in your Industry or Local Area Out Of the Equation…
  • Eliminates the Need For Extensive Tech Setup…
  • ​Little To No Sales Skills Required…
  • Little To NO Learning Curve
  • ​No Price Resistance
  • ​Steady and Continued Growth Opportunity
  • ​ZERO Competition (and if there is a chance of that there is competition…it Does Not Matter!)
  • ​This is NOT MLM or Network Marketing
  • ​​You'll be building a True Asset and Leverage

“There Must Be A Disadvantage, Right?”
Nope. Not That We Can See.

The Local Media Hero Method and Strategy has NOTHING to do with any of the worn-out failed approaches you’ve probably seen before:

  • NO Cold Calling Strangers
  • NO MLM or Network Marketing
  • NO Pitching to Family or Friends
  • ​NO Home Parties
  • NO Expensive Postal Mailing
  • ​NO Super Long Learning Curve
  • NO Licenses or Permits Required
  • ​NO Product or Inventory Necessary
  • ​NO Speculative Crypto…

This business model is methodical and step-by-step! You can launch and run this in your spare time while pursuing your other business and personal interests.
Unlike other business models, our Local Media Hero method produces repeatable and predictable results in a rather short period of time!

…Results that continue to grow over time!

...Results that will continue to serve you and your agency!

...Results that will help you establish Authority, Celebrity and Credibility in any location you choose!

Local Media Hero is a Paradigm Shift!
One that becomes an Attention-Getting Machine 
& VIP-Backstage Pass For Your Agency 
that will serve you for years and years to come!

…even if you have little to no experience or never worked with a local business client...

Hey! We are really excited to reveal all of this Super Hero-Like Power to you, but first, in case you don’t know us…

-Drew Griffin

-David Calafiore

I’m Drew Griffin along here with my business Partner David Calafiore…

We run a company called Delicious Marketing and we’re the guys behind a software called

We live in Pennsylvania. I’m on the East Coast just outside Philadelphia and David is on the West Coast of Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh.

What you really need to know about us is that we actually do this stuff!

A few years back we recognized some of the ‘friction’ we were talking about earlier happening to our agency and we knew we had to do something about it or our agency would be in big trouble!

Connecting with Local Business Owners and Decision Makers was becoming increasingly Harder and Harder!

If we're honest, we all suffer a bit from fear of rejection and when it started getting harder and harder to connect with decision makers, things got tough...

It was directly impacting our ability to generate Consistent Revenue!

We knew something had to change or our business was going to be in serious trouble! And we didn't just want some trick to help us get our 'foot-in-the-door'.

We wanted and needed a way to truly position ourselves in the local market as the de facto and go-to resource!

Then we figured it out…

The Way to Get Passed The Gate Keeper Is to

Become The Gate-Keeper

After months of prospecting and what seemed like rejection after rejection…It hit us like a Super Power Punch! (Like POW!!!! RIGHT IN THE KISSER!...LOL)

We had to do something about this ‘Gate-Keeper Problem’!

It was the one thing that was holding us back from successfully growing our agency and it was the one thing that we knew we had to address if we were going to continue prospecting for new clients (and growing our revenue)!

To Get Passed the Gate-Keeper…we had to Become The Gate-Keeper!

It was then that all things started to change for the better.

When we made the subtle change in our approach, we started to experience a shift in the balance of power towards our business.

When we implemented what we now call the Local Media Hero method, suddenly we controlled what all local businesses desire…ATTENTION!

You see, when you control the attention of local consumers…the same attention from local consumers that local businesses crave, suddenly, it becomes infinitely easier to connect with ideal prospective businesses…because you HAVE what local businesses WANT!

Which Brings Me To The Reason For This Important Announcement...

We quickly realized we were onto something when we started to implement what we are now calling the Local Media Hero method!

Implementing this new method resulted in more success, an easier and accelerated path to growth, and virtually no unpleasantry or rejection!

Realizing this new system delivered duplicatable results, we knew we had an ethical and moral responsibility to share this with as many agency owners and consultants as possible!

Today, David and I want to introduce you to a much more effective and frictionless way of building a local marketing agency in this competitive marketplace.

What David and I realized and experienced were the consistent results, how easy it was to implement, the minimal time it requires, and how simple it was to connect with local businesses, we knew we couldn’t keep our Local Media Hero method a secret…

For the many reading this, Local Media Hero may be the super-secret-breakthrough you’ve been waiting for to connect with and get new clients!

No matter what local marketing services you offer…

No matter what you sell...

No matter if you have Zero Experience…

No Matter if you don’t currently have a single Customer or Client…

No Matter if you are just getting started, this could literally change the trajectory of your agency! (Just like it helped save our agency!)

Super Easy!… 
We Recommend Beginners and Experienced Agency Owners 
Do This Instead...To Get Real Results!

Let the competition do the same things all of their competitors are doing…and start focusing on what the competitors won’t!

Sometimes you have to Zig while the Competitors Zag!

So many of your competitors will be cold calling with the same old tired scripts and prospecting methods all while you’re getting results from our Local Media Hero method!

  • Quickly Implement Success While Learning Our System
  • ​Rapidly Establish Authority, Celebrity, Credibility
  • ​Bypass Friction & Rejection!
  • ​Build Awareness
  • Get Known, Liked & Trusted
  • ​Build and Control The Trust & Attention of Tens of Thousands of Local Consumers
  • ​Build a True Asset
  • ​Position Yourself as the De Facto Local Marketing Expert
  • ​ Set yourself and your agency up for years to come!

There are a number of ways to get your 
foot in the door and get new clients…
and there’s a lot of friction in most of them…

We’ve tried many of them and some of them are super slick and effective but with Local Media Hero, it takes the guesswork out of it all and allows you to set yourself up from a position of power!

🦸These Students
(No Different Than You)
Are Doing It RIGHT NOW!

Local Media Hero Student: Robyn Munt

Local Media Hero Student: Tanya Huffman

Local Media Hero Student: Sherrie Sanderson

Local Media Hero Student: Eric Carder


When you Control the Attention 
of a Local Audience, you have a 
Real Asset & Leverage!

When you build an audience and the foundation is that of a local audience, you really have something that local businesses want!

Think of the advantages this brings you…

If you were to connect and start to work with local businesses as a marketing agency…you already have the audience local businesses are seeking to attract!

What do you need to prove?

You already have the results!!

All you need to do is let them know that you have the power…and it becomes infinitely easier to start to work with them!

WORKS FOR YOU 24/7/365

One of the very best modalities any new or experienced agencies can leverage is to have a mechanism that works for you 24/7/365!

It does not matter what services your agency and business offers!

Whether you offer:

  • Blogging
  • ​SEO
  • ​PPC
  • ​Facebook Ads
  • ​Video Marketing
  • ​Reputation Management
  • ​SaaS
  • ​Social Media Marketing
  • ​Social Posting
  • ​SMS Marketing
  • ​Messenger Bots
  • ​WordPress
  • ​Website Design or Development

…it doesn’t matter!

Local Media Hero can help you connect with more Local Businesses in a Better and Frictionless Way!

Become a Local Media Hero &
Start Your Journey Today

We show you everything! We’ll take you from Zero To Hero!

MODULE 1: The Local Media Hero Blueprint

  • We’re going to lay the foundation and set up our special Facebook Page for Super Rapid Success!
  • We’ll use our Super Hero Abilities & X-Ray Vision to Locate and Identify Sources of Attention Worthy Content

MODULE 2: The Content Collateral

  • Attention Worthy Content will be the Lifeblood of Your Local Media Hero Page…we’ll go deeper and show you How to Curate and Leverage this to Power your New and Soon-To-Be Growing Asset!
  • We’ll also reveal Potent Engagement Posts that drive a Ton of Shares to help further the Growth of your Local Media Hero Page!

MODULE 3: Magic Growth Formula

  • Magic can be powerful and in this module, we will show you how to Magically Grow a Robust Local Following of your Local Media Hero Page
  • We’ll reveal our Simple and Easy Facebook Ad Strategy designed to Grow your Facebook Page’s Following Super FAST even if you’ve never run a Facebook Ad before!

MODULE 4: The Perpetual Payoff

  • In this Module…you’ll Learn How To Magnetically Bond & Develop Relationships with Local Businesses…and their customers!
  • Discover how to Grow Your Facebook Page, Messenger & Email Lists FAST! (And once you do…you’ll have all of the LEVERAGE!!!)
  • ​Uncover the Secret Power (in the form of Attention) your Page Will Possess…(and soon you will be connecting with Local Businesses…and you’ll truly have something those businesses desire!)

BONUS MODULE: Organic Growth Hacks

  • Discover our Go-To Growth Strategies and Tactics To Amplify Our Results (and yours too)!
  • We reveal an amazing Chrome Extension Tool (FREE) that saves us time, energy, and effort to help grow our new Asset’s Following
  • ​Our New ‘Sunday Funnies’ Growth Hack…You Have To See This!!!! UNBELIEVABLE RESULTS!

What’s The Catch?

Local Agency Owners have started to reach out to us for more details because we simply just don’t deal with the B.S. anymore when it comes to the typical friction of prospecting and client getting.

We’re simply only interested in getting results for our business and those who we wish to help position their agencies in much the same way through our Local Media Hero Process!

So we decided to do just that and finally organized Local Media Hero into a unique step-by-step course!

We have one goal with Local Media Hero…to help aspiring local marketing agency owners and consultants!

Also…we’re standing by Local Media Hero with a money-back guarantee…so no real catch at all!


If You Answer “YES” to any of these:

  • You Have An Unreasonable Sense Of Fear Of Rejection…
  • You Are Just Getting Started and Don’t Have a Product or Service to Offer
  • You have a Hard Time Getting The Attention of Prospective Local Business Owners
  • ​You’re Working Hard To Prospect For Local Clients Only To Not Be Able To Get By The Gate-Keepers…
  • ​When you finally get the meeting with a Local Prospect, You Can’t Close The Deal…
  • ​You want a method you can scale up as big as you want!
  • ​You can’t devote 24 Hours Per Day To This Project…
  • ​You Still Want To Enjoy Family Life
  • ​You Want Results and you’re Tired of Buying Bright Shiney Objects and Courses to Show You Something New, Bon’t Don’t Deliver!

You No Longer Have To 
Chase Prospects!

There comes a time when we all need to make a decision…

The moment you make the decision to do things just a little bit differently than what everybody else is doing…

…a decision that takes your agency and career in a wildly new and rewarding direction, with less friction and unpleasantry…

Of course, this new pathway will be a challenge to the conventional way of thinking and doing things but…

There will be breakthroughs for your agency and business that make it worth pursuing!

When you start to grow and control the attention and following of a local audience, it all comes together and makes sense!

'Suddenly', you will have exactly what your prospective local business clients want and what happens next is very exciting!

And we’ll be right there with you!

If you want to connect with more ideal prospective local businesses, you owe it to yourself, your agency, your family, and your loved ones to consider Local Media Hero!

Here’s What To Do Next…

The first thing to do is to Take Massive, Unprecedented ACTION and full advantage of this opportunity while it’s here at a ridiculously low price!

Local Media Hero is an appealing product and paradigm shift that your agency and business can leverage to will results into existence!

At this price, for this New, Super Hero Power , it is Incredible!

  • Don’t be forced to pay $497…
  • Don’t Deal With Fear Anymore…
  • Don’t Feel Anxiety When Prospecting…
  • ​Don’t Deal With Gatekeepers Any Longer…
  • Don’t Think You’ll Figure It Out Alone
  • Don’t Waste Time and Energy Waiting On Someone else to say YES…
  • ​Don’t Delay Building Your Own Digital Asset…
  • Don’t Miss Out…
  • Don’t Get Shut Out…
  • ​Don’t Pretend this Paradigm Shift Isn’t For You
  • Join Us and Other Successful Agency Owners and Consultants Leveraging The VIP Pass To Connect With Real, Ideal Local Business Prospects…The EASY WAY!

Look…for the tiny fee you’ll pay us, you’ll have all of the upside…

It won’t make a dent in our income BUT, Local Media Hero can (and has) changed the lives of many consultants who have implemented this method into their agencies!

Local Media Hero Method
Is a Super Hero Cheat Code!

In case you haven’t realized, Local Media Hero is a game-changer. I know that term has been used so much, but it truly is a Cheat Code when it comes to building a real asset that provides leverage for our agency when it comes to building a local client roster…without all of the typical hurdles, friction, rejection or unpleasantry!

No Matter What It Is You Offer As a Service….

Local Media Hero can help you connect with more businesses so you can sell more of your products and services!

We invite you to join our Secret Society of Local Media Heroes!



Does this take a lot of time?

The real answer depends on your definition of a lot of time. Once you go through the training, the initial setup should not take very long if you follow along step-by-step.

The Local Media Hero method is designed to give you an Asset that you control and that you can leverage for the foreseeable future…if you want to continue to be able to connect with local businesses without the typical friction with traditional prospecting.

Will this cost me a lot of money?

Your initial investment is pretty cheap. I will say to experience rapid and continued growth you should consider leveraging Facebook Ads to assist in favorable results and leverage. A modest budget can help jump-start those results!

Can I build more than one Local Media Hero property in more than one location?

Of course! However, we recommend you start with one and build that until you have real momentum and start connecting with Local Businesses to help you build your Agency’s Roster first! Once you have this method down, you can grow at whatever pace you see fit and in as many locales as you see fit!

What if someone has already built something similar in my area?

I love this question!

Here’s our advice…the next time you go to the grocery store, walk down the Bread or Soda aisle and witness all the different brands that exist...

Or as you are driving down the street or highway, notice how many different brands, makes, and models of cars, trucks and motorcycles that exist.

Do you think the competition in those examples care?

As Internet Marketers and Digital Agency Owners, How many websites exist that may offer similar products and services? 

You actually have a MONSTER advantage of getting started with your own Local Media Hero page. You don’t have the red tape and bureaucracy many of these News and Media Outlets have to deal with…and you have a different goal entirely!


-David Calafiore

-Drew Griffin


Delicious Marketing courses are not for tire kickers or to just see the inside of the member's area. Our programs have helped thousands of students from all over the world. These courses are for serious business owners with REAL businesses. With that being said, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. This is because we want you to have adequate time to go through the material and implement what was taught. We do not give refunds to people who have not gone through the entire program . You must watch 100% of the course content and put in the work for a refund request to be considered.

The 30 day guarantee is in place to give you plenty of time to go through the course and put everything into action. If it is still not a fit after you have done that, we will be more than happy to buy the program back from you iff you submit a refund request within the 30 day time frame.


Earnings Disclaimer

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